Investment Conference, Tuesday 5 November 2019
America Square Conference Centre, London


There is much to be considered at the 12th instalment of Professional Pensions Investment Conference taking place on the 5 November.

There are a number of secular drivers that have the potential to significantly disrupt the global economy, financial markets, and investors' portfolios over the next three to five years without even mentioning Brexit.

With a continuation of lacklustre economic growth expected, low inflation to persist and central banks to keep interest rates low, a global recession at some stage is increasingly likely.

China is continuing its slowdown in economic growth especially if the trade war with the U.S. escalates further it is likely to lead to continuing economic and political tensions between the U.S. and China in the coming years.

Climate change is no longer a threat but a problem we're facing now and investors will have to factor in additional government responses to climate and environmental risks in the form of regulation, carbon taxes, and public investment.

Join us for an update from the experts in the investment industry as we discuss new innovation and investment thinking in the industry.