Fiduciary Management Focus is CPD accredited.

This event qualifies for CPD hours which you can use towards your PMI CPD requirement. These would come under the 'Events/Seminars/Conferences' category and you can claim a maximum of 3.5 CPD hours, based on your assessment of its value to you.

By participating in CPD you act to mitigate risk and enhance your skills and competences, enabling employers, stakeholders and clients to feel more confident in your abilities as a professional.

The PMI CPD scheme is relevant and responsive to individual learning needs and styles. The scheme is based on a four stage learning cycle of:

  • Audit - the process of identifying your learning needs
  • Plan - how to achieve the skills or knowledge identified
  • Implementation - doing the learning (reading, research, mentoring, etc)
  • Review - looking at how well you met your objectives and what other lessons were learned

The CPD year will continue to run from 1 January to 31 December each year.