Risk Reduction Forum 2018

Managing and settling pensions risk is arguably the foremost objective for the UK's DB pension schemes - and, following The Pension Regulator's statement earlier this year highlighting the importance of monitoring risks and taking action when required, there has been a significant increase in de-risking exercises. But while de-risking has traditionally referred to investment risk, there's a growing awareness that non-financial element, such as the strength of the employer covenant, potentially pose as great a danger to schemes as their investment strategy and liabilities.

The Professional Pensions Risk Reduction Forum aims to give trustees and senior pension decision-makers a holistic and comprehensive view of what de-risking really means for schemes. This year's agenda will provide a clear overview of the risk settlement market - looking at solutions such as buy-ins, buyouts and longevity swaps as well as providing detailed insights into the importance of issues such as integrated risk management, governance and the strength of the employer convenant. We hope it will help empower scheme managers to assess where risk lies for their particular scheme, and what steps they might take to tackle it.

"We are delighted to sponsor this conference because it is important for trustees and employers to see risk management as much more than an IRM checklist, and with pensions so prominent within the political agenda currently we have a rare opportunity to discuss the measures that could ensure the sustainability of future occupational pension promises."

Danny Wilding, Partner, Barnett Waddingham


"An impressive panel of speakers"
– David Taylor, ICI Speciality Chemicals Pension Fund

"Overall there were some interesting presentations and useful insights into managing the risks faced to pension schemes"
– Richard Bryant, Atkin Trustees