Professional Pensions Breakfast Briefing, in partnership with NEST

The defined contribution (DC) landscape has changed beyond recognition over the five years since auto-enrolment was introduced.

Millions of people are now saving in a pension for the first time and thousands of employers have begun offering an occupational scheme to their employees.

Regulations have changed as well - with the pension freedoms coming into force in April 2015; and DC schemes having to comply with ever more rigorous governance standards.

These changes have led to an increased focus on DC investments by both employers and the consultants and advisers that advise them.

This breakfast briefing - designed specifically for Corporate IFAs and Employee Benefit Consultants - will look at how advisers and clients assess their approach to DC investment and assess the key characteristics of an appropriate DC investment strategy.

It will also look at value for money; what value for money actually means when it comes to DC; and how consultants and advisers can reassure clients that the scheme they have chosen will provide this value.

The event will additionally look at the extent to which employers and advisers have an obligation to ensure DC investment options will deliver good outcomes for members and look at the measures they take to ensure this is the case.