Professional Pensions Drinks Reception, in partnership with NN Investment Partners

Choosing the right investments has become increasingly difficult for schemes but critically important in the low yield environment we're currently experiencing. Not only are schemes contending with the uncertainty of Brexit, the future of Britain's economy and politics and increased geopolitical risk but also a huge funding crisis and an uncertain road in relation to currency, inflation, interest rates, and equity markets.

With all this in mind is there a better way to improve investment outcomes whilst also being mindful of costs? NN Investment Partners are hoping to answer that question with this exclusive drinks reception in partnership with Professional Pensions. Multi-asset factor investing has been making waves in the investment industry as it offers schemes the diversification they are looking for while targeting enhanced risk-adjusted returns by following a factor based investment approach aiming to capture non-traditional sources of return, also known as factors.

Join us on the 27th September at South Place Hotel to hear some of the key issues that affect pension schemes today, discuss the latest market research and understand how multi-asset factor investing works in practice.